The Next Day

It's time to move this country back to sanity and we've got the facts and humor to do it. November 9th 2016 was like waking up to find that the apocalypse happened in the silent darkness. Donald Trump's election signals that times have changed but for the worse. Patricia and I represent different groups within the half of this country that woke up stunned. Let us help you get back your sense of impending victory and help you convince the Trumpers that they can get what they need without going to the dark side.

Host: Patricia Ehrhardt

PatriciaNative American, African American, female and proud of it all and more. The election results of 2016 kicked Patricia into overdrive. Donald Trump may have scorched the earth but Patricia will plant the seeds of revolution in the fertile ground he unintentionally left behind.

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Host: Gregory Sherrow

GregoryAngry hermit, online activist and solutionist, Gregory is channeling his outrage through humor to hand Donald Trump the Pyrrhic victory he deserves. Together we can undo the damage and truly make America great.

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